Aquatic and Wetland Nursery prides itself in providing wetland, upland, and riparian plants for various ecological restoration projects. AWN is a contract grow company that supplies native plants around the west. With over 30 years of experience in wetland and stream restoration, the company is one of the most experienced suppliers in Colorado.


Heidi (Owner), left; Brad (Nursery Manager); right.

AWN is located on Colorado’s  front range next to a natural wetland where they focus solely on the production of over 100 species of native wetland, upland, and riparian plants.

After three decades and as one of the first environmental firms of its type in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions, AWN has gained a reputation for quality and scientific integrity.  This reputation has allowed the company to develop strong working relationships with the respective local, state and federal regulatory agencies. AWN is recognized as a leader in the production of wetland and riparian plants native to waters and riparian areas throughout the west.

Utilizing a contract grow process, AWN continues to grow aquatic and riparian plant species for reclamation and restoration projects focusing on fish, waterfowl,   invertebrates, big game, upland game and non-game terrestrial and avian animals.  This has included restoring degraded habitats in multiple phases over many miles of rivers, streams, and creeks over several years.

 Aquatic and Wetland Nursery is passionate about the environment and takes pride in being able to restore wetland areas to healthy conditions. To learn more about Brad, Heidi, and their dedication to their company and the environment, click here