Contract Grow: 

DSC_0946 (1)Contract grow arrangements are the most economically feasible and environmentally sensitive method available to obtain native plant materials. We will harvest native seed or collect native stock and grow plants to your specifications. This is the best way to ensure that a large quantity of plant material will be available in a timely manner.

Our nursery realizes the importance of selecting site-adapted plant material for long term success and ecosystem integrity. We collect throughout the Rocky Mountain and Southwest region in order to maintain a diverse genetic pool of plant material. Depending on your project location, we can select specific ecotypes from that region to ensure ecological success. We contract grow a wide variety of species; for specifics, see below.

Native Plant Nursery Services:

Riparian Trees and Shrub Seedlings

Wetland Hebaceous Grasses and Forbs Seedlings

Site Specific and Adaptive Willow Species Seedlings

Limited Site Specific Seed Collection and Seedling Development

Native Plant Contract Grow Contracting

Native Plant Custom Seedling Growing for Multiphase Vegetative Restoration Projects

Governmental Agency Native Plant Contract Growing Arrangements

Specialty Services:

Restoration Planting Services on Limited Bases

Past Consultation Experience:

We no longer offer consultation services, but previous consultation experience helps us to supply and grow wetland and riparian species for a variety of projects. 

Riparian and Wetland Plant Species Selection Consultation

Ecosystem Reclamation and Restoration Consultation

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Consultation

Wetland, River, Stream, Creek Ecosystem Restoration Consultation

Tertiary Storm water, Wastewater, Constructed Wetlands Restoration Consultation

Stream bank Bioengineering and Stabilization Consultation

Mine tailing Constructed Wetland Consultation

Army Corps of Engineers 404, Mitigation Concept and Planning Consultation

Target Wildlife Habitat Enhancement, Planning and Restoration Consultation

Riparian Restoration and Re-vegetation Consultation

Wetland Creation, Enhancement and Re-naturalization Consultation

Water Quality Improvement Consultation

Aquatic Habitat Conceptual Pre-planning, Planning and Construction Consultation