The species grown at AWN are utilized in riparian and wetland restoration and reclamation projects throughout the west. These plant species are also specified for projects that are engineered and designed to improve water quality, of rivers, streams, creeks reservoirs, lakes and ponds. Likewise, these native plants are used in storm water run off and storm water detention to attenuate erosion, stabilize drainage’s and decrease sedimentation.

Ordering Instructions: If you are interested in ordering plants from our native wetland and riparian restoration nursery please call 303-442-4766 for availability.

Custom Grow Contracting: AWN provides and recommends that planners, designers, engineers, specifiers, estimators, contracting officers and buyers consider custom contract growing. This method assures the plan species required on your project are available when needed.

Note: Planners, designers, engineers, and specifiers when conceptualizing your project, early contact in the process with AWN is best for a seamless project development.

AWN Provides: Sedges, Rushes, Grasses, Wildflowers, Forbs, Woody Trees and Shrubs. See our species page for specific plants we cary.